Love Hewitt Wishes She’d Been Nude More Often

Jennifer Love Hewitt was fired up about those unflattering bikini images that circulated last winter, but since then, she’s certainly taken advantage of every press opportunity to talk about her body.

“I wish I had been nude from the time I was 12 until I was 28. I looked great!” Love Hewitt told Health magazine. “I want to tell all young girls to walk around in bikinis all summer — and enjoy it. I want to tell them to never, ever feel bad about anything because there will be that one day in your 20s when you’ll eat a hamburger and actually see the hamburger on the side of your leg.”

Most celebrities making headlines as often as Love Hewitt of late are either: a) doing damage control, or b) promoting something. Love Hewitt, who is engaged to Scottish actor Ross McCall, seems well past the point of needing to do damage control for the now-ancient bikini pics.

So what’s she promoting? It’s not entirely clear, but she appears to be on board for a film titled “She had Brains, a Body, and the Ability to Make Men Love Her.” Draw your own conclusions.  

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