Love Hewitt Stalker Pleads Guilty

A woman has pleaded guilty to stalking actress Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Diana Napolis, 47, from San Diego, first threatened Hewitt outside a local radio station, said Deputy District Attorney Fiona Kahlil.

Napolis continued to try and contact the 24-year-old actress via email between 29 July and 3 November 2002.

The defendant faces up to three years in prison when sentenced next month.

Napolis was initially diagnosed as delusional but was found able to stand trial after spending five months in a psychiatric hospital, prosecutors said.

“She believed that Ms Love Hewitt was part of a group that targeted her with so-called psychotronic technology,” Kahil said.


“Due to this technology Napolis believed they were able to tell what she was thinking,” she added.

Napolis pleaded guilty to felony stalking in exchange for the dismissal of five other charges.

Jennifer Love Hewitt shot to fame with her role in televison sitcom Party of Five in the 1990s.

She went on to act in teen horror films such as I Know What You Did Last Summer and its sequel, I Still Know What You Did Last Summer.

She recently starred in a movie with Jackie Chan, Tuxedo, and she has also released four albums in the US.

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