Fans Get Answers on Love

USA Today online recently featured SafeSearching star Jennifer Love Hewitt on their Celebrity Inbox page. Kelly DeNardo’s column answered this question about Love on March 9, 2001:

Q. What happened to Jennifer Love Hewitt since her last time in the movies? Is she going to do movies or try the TV shows again? And rumor has it she got married?

A. You must be looking for Love in all the wrong places. The 22-year-old actress is hoping to captivate audiences in the film Heartbreaker, which opens March 23. Then she plans to take a diabolical turn as the devil in a contemporary version of Stephen Vincent Benet’s The Devil and Daniel Webster.

Set in New York City, the film tells the tale of a young author (Alec Baldwin) who sells his soul to the devil (Hewitt) so he can become a best-selling author. The author gets to enjoy 10 years of success before he loses his soul to the Princess of Darkness. But after the 10 years, the author begs Daniel Webster (Anthony Hopkins), the head of a publishing firm, to get him out of the damnable deal, and a battle between the devil and Webster ensues.

“It’s definitely a different role than I normally take, but the character is amazing and incredibly well-written,” Hewitt tells The Hollywood Reporter. “It is a more grown-up role for me. And I want to show that I am growing as a woman and a human being and am ready to take on more adult roles. This project has all the things that an actor looks for. And obviously working with Alec and Anthony is never a bad thing. I have such respect for them.”

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